Bluish-Green Productions is a Toronto-based Indie developer. It's just me, Attila "Gabriel" Branyiczky. For some projects, I've teamed up with others like the folks I mention in my Affiliates below.


With my co-host Mathew Falvai, I discuss games and game design on a weekly basis! Check out the podcast on iTunes. With every Podcast update, I include an Extended Thoughts article which I post to Gamasutra and here on the site.


Bluish-Green Productions was the name I started attributing all my games to since 2005. I've been creating games with Game Maker as a hobby since 2002, but in 2012 that hobby became a profession with the release of my first game “Robo’s World: The Blulite Rocks“. I was a completely self-taught game designer until I read The Game Maker’s Companion (which I’d highly recommend to any aspiring GM users). Having used Game Maker for so long, I began writing my own tutorials and extensions for it, which I've released for free.